Debug iOS apps remotely from your browser

Make it easy for developers and testers to communicate visually


See what users are doing in realtime

Inspect the UI hierarchy in 3D

Make CoreData queries

Communicate issues better

See what users are doing in realtime

Everything they do is recorded and can be replayed. How many times have you asked your testers for the exact steps they made in order to reproduce a bug? See for yourself with Nighthawk

Know exactly what caused a bug

Everything is organized in sessions

Remember when you had to set up logging or any other form of data collection?

It wastes time and it adds a lot of boilerplate code not only to your app but also to your server.

Nighthawk lets you log information to the server and it automatically logs system events for you.

Get started immediatly

Inspect complete hierarchies of views

Whenever someone is complaining that something doesn't look right, you can get a complete hierarchy of views of their current screen, which is a great way of debugging views.

It's never been easier

Make CoreData queries

Without Nighthawk it was difficult to retrieve the data saved by your app, even from your local device.

Now you can take a look at all the data in CoreData or to the app's directory, with one simple interface

Get started immediatly

Team communication

Without Nighthawk

  • Take a screenshot
  • Close the app
  • Send that screenshot
  • Edit the screenshot
  • Upload the image to GitHub
  • Create a Github issue
  • Upload the image
  • Fill out title and description

With Nighthawk

  • Open the special menu in the app
  • Draw on the screenshot
  • Fill out title and description

Tools: 3+

Time: 5 - 10 minutes

No way

Tools: none

Time: 60 seconds

Try it now