How all started

Nighthawk was born at Clevertech. We were in the need to know what was happening on the devices of our testers, and working in a team that is distributed all over the globe made this difficult. Even things that should be simple, like retrieving logs, added a lot of code to the project. We created Nighthawk in order to solve these problems. Our aim was a simple-to-use library that can be easily embedded into every project. It turnt out to be very helpful for every kind of app.

Senior iOS Developer at Clevertech

Nighthawk is awesome. Whenever the client reports a problem, I check his session first and I see what leaded to the bug. It saves me a lot of time, because I don't have to experiment to reproduce it.

Senior iOS Developer at Clevertech

With Nighthawk we don't waste time with bug reports. We can diagnose and fix many problems even during a meeting having the client in the other side of the world. And if we are not there at that moment the client can create github issues without leaving the app and we receive all the information required to reproduce the bug so we can solve it quickly.

From the creators of best new app NailSnaps